Whether your production line requires a comprehensive solution, with specialized needs or a simple solution will suffice, Fomaco has the machine to fit your production needs.



The Fomaco M3

The M3 is the world’s most flexible injector-tenderizer. By mixing and matching various components, the M3 allows you to customize the machine to fit your production perfectly, giving you the highest level of specialization possible.

  • Total customization
  • Automatic, computerized cleaning
  • Suitable for all products
  • Maximum needle control
  • Uniform brine distribution
  • Intelligent software
  • High reliability
  • Optimized flow


The Fomaco M2

The Fomaco M2 injector handles all red meat types, both bone-in and boneless. It is a sturdy, extremely durable, high performance machine designed to work in a highly demanding and aggressive production environment.

  • High performance
  • Accurate injection
  • Consistent brine distribution
  • No blocked needles
  • Easy cleaning
  • User-friendly operator panel
  • Configuration options for injectors
  • Designed for aggressive production environments
  • Low maintenance costs

Extraordinary capacities Excellent filtration
Effortless self-monitoring