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23 November 2017

Fomaco Brine Mixer Process

23 November 2017

We now present to you our modular clean line brine preparation concept.

This is a system that can scale up or down depending on production requirements starting with 1 mixing station and 1-5 brine tanks. It is possible to add an additional mixing station to allow two operators to work simultaneously. At the same time it is possible to dedicate one mixing station per ingredient all controlled by only one control panel. While one ingredient is mixing in the tank the next ingredient can be prepared in the mixing station. This will significantly improve the productivity.

The mixing station utilizes our custom-build control system to carefully guide the operator through the recipe step-by-step. The mixing station contains a recipe manager combined with a barcode reader that ensures the right ingredient is mixed in the right order and in the right quantity. We designed the control panel to eliminate the risk of costly errors during the brine preparation process.

To improve the hygiene there is an integrated ladder to every tank and a sanitary lid to facilitate inspection of the tanks and a CIP system. Take a look at our animated video below and achieve a wider understanding of the Fomaco Brine Mixer process.