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09 October 2017

Belt Filter - CBF 500 P

09 October 2017

A sanitary environment is indisputable in the food industry. At Fomaco we always strive for the highest level of hygiene and the CBF 500 P is no exception. We offer a large variety of filtration systems for our brine injection machines. Our CBF 500 P Belt Filter has the highest filtration standard available in the industry and ensures the highest performance possible for our customers.

The belt filter is the next step up from the rotary filters. It has a build-in conveyor belt and is self-cleaning. Even the smallest particles are filtered from the brine and a rotating scraper removes the larger particles. Should any particles still be left on the belt, a flushing system cleans them off without diluting the brine. The efficiency of the two-step cleaning system is impeccable and reduces manual cleaning.

The filter also has an active cooling pillow plate design, which ensures that the required temperature is maintained at all times. A hydro agitator improves the cooling efficiency and prevents ice buildup, plus it keeps the brine in constant circulation.

CBF 500 P is suitable for medium to large-scale productions with high demand for filtration.