The people behind fomaco

At Fomaco we recognize that we are only as good as the people who work for us. We are proud to employ highly qualified and dedicated people in every department, ensuring that the very highest standards are achieved and maintained.

R & D Department

Bo Hou Hansen

R&D Manager

T   +45 5667 1561

Hans Joensen

Mech. Eng. B. Sc.

T   +45 5667 1572

Dina Andersen

Documentation Engineer

T   +45 3168 1391

Naveed Yousaf

Electrical Engineer

T   +45 5667 1579

Jannik Hilligsøe

Software Developer/Electrical Engineer

T   +45 5667 1560

Mathias Hoffmann Linder

Mech. Eng. B. Sc.

Karsten Stitz Krog

Mech. Eng. B. Sc.

T   +45 5667 1554