Knowledge is key, experience is assurance and innovation is future.


When doing business with Fomaco you are guaranteed indisputable quality, the newest and most intelligent machines on the market and impeccable service.

Intelligent machinery creates remarkable results

At Fomaco we specialize in the manufacture of injectors for curing and marinating all types of meat, poultry, and fish products. Our passion for excellent machine design has produced remarkable results for our customers, providing the most accurate, reliable, and intelligent machines on the market. 

Experience moves us forward

By combining our 40 years of know-how and specialist skills with our unwavering desire to constantly move forward, we create groundbreaking, thoroughly tested, state-of-the-art curing machinery for the food processing industry worldwide.


No compromises - we strive for perfection

It is through innovative technology we optimize every part of our customers’ curing and marinating process. 

As a result, they experience a substantial production increase, a reliable production flow and resource-saving. It is our uncompromising strive for perfection in every project, every process step and in every component that have positioned us as one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers in our field. A position we hold proudly and obtain through continuous hard work.

We know you, and what you need to succeed

Everything we do, we do from the perspective of our customers. We are always up to date on the development of the food processing industry, we understand how the industry judges success, and we relate to its working environment and production requirements. Knowing the customer, their needs and the markets they operate in, we bring value to businesses all around the globe and because excellent craftsmanship is in our DNA, we are known as an esteemed and respected partner to all our customers. Our passion, creativity and hard work has got us where we are today and it is the same core values, which will see us into the future.

The secret to getting ahead
Is getting started

Mark Twain