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18 April 2017

IWC System

18 April 2017


The FOMACO Inline Weight Control (IWC) system is now available for integration with all new FOMACO Injectors. After 6 years in development this advanced technology now offers so much more than just a dynamic 'in-and-out' scale as it actually monitors the level of brine pick-up and automatically calibrates the Injector when necessary, to maximise yield and to ensure your desired level of injection is maintained.


The significant benefits include:

• Detailed Production Reports, including – Batch Number, Weights Processed, Injection Rate, Brine Temperature

• Improved food safety control

• Full traceability via Batch Reporting

• Production stability

• Reduction in downtime as no manual recalibration is required

• Improved overall operational efficiency


IWC represents a most significant advance in brine injection technology and to a large extent eliminates the need for close operator control whilst fully recording the total process for inspection by the relevant personnel - '24/7'

As world leaders in brine injection for over 40 years, FOMACO regard the IWC system as perhaps one of their greatest breakthrough achievements.