Meat injection needles

The Fomaco M3 meat injectors offer market leading technology in meat injection needles suitable for red meat as well as fish and poultry. Learn more about our meat injection needles and other products here. Learn more about meat injection needles in Fomacos state-of-the-art food processing machinery

Meat injection needles in the M3 product range

The M3 product range is innovative machinery for brine, marinade and protein injection in all types of meat, poultry and fish. The meat injection needles are available as 1, 2 or 3 needle bridges and the M3 machines are available with 420 mm, 550 mm, 750 mm and 950 mm wide conveyor belts with respectively 48, 64, 88 or 112 meat injection needle heads, mounted with either single, double or quadro meat injection needles.

Flexibility with meat injection needles from Fomaco

M3 machines are capable of processing all meat types and offers a range of injection capacities. You may adjust the level of injection as well as machine speed, pump pressure, meat injection needle type, and needle density, as well as the number of needle bridges used. This gives the M3 product range unique flexibility in use. Even higher flexibility is achieved through selecting each meat injection needle to work totally indepedently from the other, each having its own needle pattern


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